Drivers Ed And Driving While Texting – Changing Public Attitudes And The Law


One of the great topics discussed today on the driving stage is california drivers ed. This has always been a big problem and, unfortunately, driving in schools has not dealt with this problem until recently. The ubiquity of cell phones and the possibility of “text” at any time have recently imposed this strain. Many states have completely banned driving, while the courier and driving schools are finally starting to solve this problem on their driving courses.

Driving is a good start

First of all, making the text illegal and driving is a good start and sets the tone for the seriousness of this action. There have been many studies showing a deterioration of capacity during text messaging – and this is very bad. The reaction time is drastically reduced and the ability to scan and recognize the emerging risks of the road is compromised.

Does it look familiar? It should be very similar to the consequences of drinking and driving. Many now refer to the handling of text messages as “DWT”, again drawing a parallel with DUI / DWI.

Security problems

However, as we have seen with previous security problems, it takes time for them to become socially unacceptable. When they were introduced for the first time, the seat belts were rejected and it took decades to fully accept ca drivers ed.

And even today there is an alarming number of people who still do not use the guide while driving – forget what they have learned from the pilots? Driving and drinking took so long to move from being accepted to unacceptable. To make changes public, it seems that it takes time, and in some cases and potentially one or several decades.

So, we can not expect that just because DWT is now illegal in many states, including Washington and California, everyone will immediately follow this rule. Parents should set a good example and the driving schools set a standard. Driving lessons should include relevant information that demonstrates the impact of the DWT in the real world.

Driving schools can help to reinforce this prohibition by prohibiting the use of a mobile phone in any part of the driver training process. If we consider the class primarily as a “car experience”, then it becomes evident that DWT is unacceptable from the beginning of the drivers. Click here.

Real effect of the DWT

In addition, some of the major driving schools offer additional programs that demonstrate the real effect of the DWT on a controlled path. In our experience, these types of programs work wonders to effectively show why DWT is such a serious problem. Parents are strongly advised to choose a driving school with a program that can help an adolescent avoid serious problems.

Furthermore, at least one large insurance company has undertaken the task of educating everyone through a national media campaign demonstrating the impact of the DWT through the media in local markets. This type of program has been very effective in raising public awareness about DWT across the country. Large driving schools participate in this kind of effort and parents of teenagers should look for a driving school with this experience.



Finally, we must admit that simply because the TPL is illegal in many states, it will take a long time to become unacceptable. At the same time, an excellent california drivers ed program conducted by a professional driving school can be an important part of the transition to the DWT control. Check out this site: