Thai Tracts

There is no shortage of tracts available in Thailand. Not all of them could be necessarily be described as “gospel tracts”, as the consumer-oriented version of Christianity has been successfully imported to the church here in Thailand. We thought we’d found some nice tracts for use here, and ordered a good number of them – only to discover later that EVERY SINGLE tract offered that particular publisher closed it’s message with what is popularly called “the sinner’s prayer”. There are however several out there that do a very nice job of communicating the gospel in a way that is both readable, and do a good job of explaining the gospel to someone with a Buddhist worldview. Karl Dahlfred has put together a nice list of good Thai gospel tracts (see the link below). At the moment, there is a group of Japanese traveling evangelists stationed in our town, peppering the neighborhoods with some very nicely done leaflets titled “Heaven and Hell”.

Thai Gospel Tracts



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