A Tale of Two Trucks

2nd month in NK 029 IMG_0009 IMG_0172tIt was the best of trucks, it was…well, it was a pretty decent rig actually.  Way back in 2005, we were able to pick up a ‘98 Toyota pickup.  At the time, we lived in Phang Nga.  Living in southern Thailand, and as yet with no children, this little guy seemed just right for our needs.  I eventually put a Thai-style canopy on it and it got used for picking up kids for the school for the children of Burmese migrant workers.

Flash forward 200,000 kilometers later to 2011 – We now live in mountainous northwestern Thailand, where a considerable portion of our work requires accessing some extremely rough mountain roads in our now very well used, and with two kids added to the equation, quite full truck.

We started considering selling this tired old truck and getting something more appropriate to the scope of our ministry and the size of our family.  A friend of mine here once told me in all seriousness – if you’ve had a vehicle for a good length of time, and it’s served you faithfully, don’t ever start talking about selling it while your near it, or the vehicle will get offended and you’ll end up in an auto accident.  I’m not so sure I agree with his logic, but we got in an accident anyway.  The truck ended up in the shop for over three months!  The unfortunate timing of this was that it occurred during Thailand’s 2011 monsoon season – one of their wettest years on record.  The girls didn’t seem to mind the transportation adjustment as much as their mother did.

But at long last, the “accident truck,” as the girls called it, was about fixed.  Right about that time, a brother S. contacted us to inquire as to whether we were mobile yet, as he remembered that we’d been in a wreck.  We said no, not quite yet.  He said he’d like to make a contribution to the truck fund.  In the second week of October, 2011, I got a phone call from a guy locally who was interested in the “accident truck.”  That same week, brother S. sent a sizable donation to add to the pool.  With what we were able to sell the little Toyota for, and what was sent by S., we were able to make a trip to Bangkok, kick tires at a few places around the city, and locate something that fit perfectly the needs of our growing family and expanding ministry.  So at long last, and after a detour-ridden drive back from Bangkok, is the ministry’s four-door, 4WD pickup truck.  Thank you Jesus!