Are you a good person?

We got our first hundred tracts printed today.  A small start, but we are glad to finally have the “Good Person” tract completed and ready to pass out.

We first contacted Living Waters about translating their “Are You a Good Person” comic back in May.  They gave permission, provided we used the utmost care in maintaining the integrity of the message, and that we do not sell the material.  Both of which we had the same heart to do.gp2

If you are curious to see the entire tract, you can see the Thai version here, and the English version here.

We have access to lots of gospel tracts here, but often they seem to rely a bit too much on “Christianese” for our tastes.  We were looking for something that could be put into common, every-day language, as well as something that people would actually read (not a wall of text), that clearly presented the gospel message.  All of the team here in Sukhothai feel pretty strongly that we found all of that in Ray Comfort’s “Good Person” tract.  Now we get to go give them out!

Edit February-2013: since posting this in ’09, we’ve come across some great materials.  In fact, we even found a version of this Living Waters tract put out by CCMA in northeastern Thailand.