We seem to see these signs everywhere.  Not so much on the main roads, but as soon as you get off the beaten path a bit, you start to see them everywhere.  I was told some Japanese missionaries are responsible for them.  Nice work guys!  MJ and I got to count quite a few of them over the last few days.  The kids we normally teach English to have finals this week, so we took advantage of the time off to bring a load of supplies and donations to some good friends working with the Karen people near the Burmese border.  We had a literal truckload of stuff donated by the saints here in central Thailand, as well as by generous neighbors of the church who wanted to help.  Over the seven hour drive to the location  the supplies were to be brought, one of our family’s many diversions was look out for and try to read the many different gospel message signs posted along the way.  The one pictured above says “Jesus’ blood washes away sin.”