New Materials

A few weeks ago we were able to order some really cool materials for the kids. They are sort of an illustrated Bible in comic book. These little numbers are over 300 pages of pure gold called “Good and Evil.” Quite a while back I had a chance to see an English copy of the book, but I had my memory jogged last month when I saw how much the kids we taught after school were into their Thai versions of Archie and Jughead type of comics (love stories, jokes, Japanese animation style stuff, et al.) So far “Good and Evil” is a hit – and by that I mean the kids actually read them. That was the bummer about giving them Bibles and other materials – great, but if they aren’t reading them it seemed kind of futile. Not so with these. I mean, just look at the cover (left) – who wouldn’t want to read it?  I understand there is a Karen translation in the works for this publication.  I hope to pick that up as well.